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Social enterprises and mindfulness go hand in hand – Jonah Engler’s tips solving global crises one at a time

Social Enterprises

There is nothing more important to humankind than the mind. It is the resource hand that has everything to do with the current state of being – happy, depressed, euphoric, creative, or self-destructive; it’s all in mind. However, the fact of the matter is we hardly ever stop to take a look at the overall health of our minds. An asset that is valuable from problem creating to problem-solving is the most neglected one. Keep in mind that even with the massive popularity boost of physical wellness programs, there is a shortage of facilities catering for a healthy mind.

Here is an example; let’s talk about meditation for a while. It is hand tedious to sit through a meditation class for individuals who categorize themselves as active ones. For you, it is torture to sit at one, and the sheer boredom will lead to agitation. But the truth is you can get better with practice, and for that, you will need mentoring and an environment conducive to helping you relax. Keep in mind that there are scientific studies that have proved beyond reproach the positive effects of meditation to facilitate clear and logical thinking, focus, and creativity.

According to Jonah Engler, a leading philanthropist, mindfulness, and social enterprise are the two key players that will allow the society to progress as a whole, in the aftermath of the COVID crisis. According to him, the two go hand in hand and make for the best team when the goal is to tide over the tough times. Access to programs that allow society to progress, the marginalized class that needs it the most and mental wellness programs to cheer up lives will surely improve the quality of living standards. This can be done on a global scale and thereby touching Iives and sharing happiness in the process.

So, how are the two connected? Let us have a look.

Are you looking for creativity and inspiration?

With mental exercises and meditation, you are taking care of your mind. This means complete stillness of the mind to decompress all the information overload. It is about giving your engine a bit of much-needed rest to spark creativity. And inspiration when you rejoin the working world. Keep in mind that to solve a problem created by the mind. Itself in the first place, there needs to be a shift in perspective. This is where meditation comes into play.

Communication even in times of stress, says Jonah Engler

A social entrepreneur has a lot on his/her shoulder. Keep in mind that as the pro-bono leader of the group, you will need to communicate effectively and precisely. It is one of the fundamental requirements of a team leader and visionary. But the problem is you will be handling tremendous amounts of stress. Under stress conditions, our amygdala comes into play and releases the fight or flight hormones. This harms our communication abilities, especially in high-stress work environments. With mindfulness meditation, you can increase the prefrontal cortex thickness, thereby increasing the brain functions and capabilities. This is your key to successful communication, even during times of stress and mental agitation.

Self-doubt management

Any business venture will push you out of your comfort zone. This is especially true when you are in social entrepreneurship. It is not a business model where you will undertake profit-making schemes; instead, this is about helping the poor and the needy. So, there will be moments of acute fear and self-doubt. Often, without the right training to calm the mind down, we can get fooled into being driven by negative thoughts. Unhook yourself from your senseless and meaningless self-doubt through mindful meditation training. The more a person is self-aware, the better when tough questions need wiser solutions and answers. Keep in mind that as a social entrepreneur, you will never be truly sure of your venture’s fate. This might even lead to depression and chronic anxiety. Mindfulness is all about going about life in a positive way.

A tool to sharpen focus

This is the age of technological marvels, and right now, the sky’s the limit if there is even a limit. The more technology seeps into our daily lives, the less focus we have. The secondary role technology has played in our lives other than increasing comfort is to increase our restlessness. There is an endless stream of popular media, culture, news, and information buzzing around the Web, and we are connected to it. This calls for an upgrade of the “inner” technology in a manner of speaking. Mindful meditation is where you can monitor your attention span and behavior patterns. When they are at odds with your targets and goals. The better your mind is, the more able you are to hold on to a task and finish it expertly.

This is not just about entrepreneurs. If you take a look around, society needs management and care facilities for the mind. The cases of burnouts are plentiful and quite regular in occurrence in every sphere of life, but more acute in the marginalized sections of the society. This is precisely where social entrepreneurship to build better lives and mindfulness practices to nurture minds can come in handy to save the day.

Daily routine and practicing mindfulness exercises, along with meditation, can have a positive impact on our overall health and keep several debilitating physiological disorders under manageable conditions. This is the best way for a social entrepreneur to engage in a group activity. Hand to benefit the standard of living and meditation to improve mental health. And active individuals to stand up, take charge and change the world for the better.

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