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About Jonah Engler​

Jonah Engler is a New York-based entrepreneur and philanthropist whose name has become synonymous with transformative initiatives that foster inclusivity and recognize the boundless potential of neurodiverse individuals. His passion for creating equal opportunities and supporting educational endeavors led to the inception of the Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Inclusion Award, reflecting his dedication to championing the talents and aspirations of those who navigate the world through diverse cognitive lenses.

As a business leader, Engler has always been at the forefront of innovation, spearheading ventures that are as diverse in nature as they are impactful. With a keen eye for potential and a heart inclined towards altruism, his entrepreneurial journey took a monumental turn when he decided to leverage his success for philanthropic pursuits.

Jonah Engler Photo

The establishment of the Jonah Engler Trust marked a significant milestone in Engler’s mission to give back to the community. The trust, through the Neurodivergent Inclusion Award, is a testament to Engler’s firm belief that a truly progressive society is one that not only includes but also celebrates the contributions of neurodivergent individuals. With this initiative, Engler aims to dismantle the barriers that often hinder neurodiverse students from achieving academic and professional success.

Beyond the scope of the award, Engler’s advocacy for mental health and wellness underscores his holistic approach to philanthropy. He understands that support for neurodiversity extends beyond financial aid—it encompasses creating environments that nurture mental well-being, encourage diverse perspectives, and champion innovative thinking.

Through his work with the Jonah Engler Trust, Engler has become a beacon of hope for many. He remains deeply involved in the trust’s operations, ensuring that his vision for a more inclusive world is realized through sustained efforts and unwavering support for neurodiverse talent.

Engler’s biography is not just a narrative of personal achievements but a story that inspires others to pursue their goals with tenacity and to use their success for the greater good. As the trust continues to grow and touch lives, Jonah Engler’s legacy stands as a powerful reminder that inclusivity, compassion, and social responsibility can indeed reshape the world.