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Jonah Engler Reflects on How Happiness Makes You Healthy and Well

Jonah Engler-Happiness

Jonah Engler according to an article published on, takes some effort to nurture happiness and it does not happen in a day. Did you know that focusing on the positive things of life make people happy instead of being pessimistic? This article will tell you how happy about human health and wellness.

Jonah Engler says happiness helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

When people are happy, it helps them to embrace healthy habits beneficial for their overall health and wellness. Happy individuals like to take more healthy meals with greater portions of fresh vegetables, fruits, as well as whole grains.

Based on a finding, it was discovered that over 7,000 happy adults, 47 percent took fresh vegetables and fruits than those who were unhappy. Your diet containing vegetables and fruits is associated with many health benefits such as reduced stroke, diabetes risk, and cardiovascular problems.

When you work out regularly, it increases your energy, develops strong bones, reduces bloodpressure, and keeps obesity under control. Being happy also improves your sleep that matters for increased efficiency, focus, maintaining a healthy weight, and boosts exercise performance.

The studies indicate that there is some connection between wellness and better sleep. However, more research is necessary to confirm this thing.

Helps in battling stress

When you stay happy, it helps in beating stress. Usually, too much stress leads to a spike in the cortisol levels in humans, which is a hormone contributing to numerous adverse effects. Such as obesity, poor sleep, weight gain, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes.

There are studies to indicate that when people feel happy, their cortisol levels dip, which is beneficial for their overall health.

Actually, in another study of more than 200 adults, the participants were given participants several demanding lab-oriented tasks.

The impact seemed to continue over some time. Again, when these researchers followed up the same group after three years. It was found that there was a 20 percent disparity in the level of cortisol between the happiest and sad participants. That is the reason why Jonah Engler requests people to stay happy, healthy, and stress-free in his public speech.

Jonah Engler talks about happiness and good heart health

Did you know that happy people have a healthy heart? Yes, happiness protects your heart by cutting back on blood pressure. High pressure a significant health hazard for patients with cardiovascular problems. According to a study on more than 6,500 individuals above 65 years, it was found that their health. Was associated with a nine percent reduced risk related to high blood pressure.

Staying happy will minimize the chances of heart ailments, which is the greatest cause of fatality all over the world. Happiness is related to a 22 percent reduced risk for 10 years; even when factors like cholesterol levels, age, as well as blood pressure, exists. An evaluation of 30 studies discovered that more happy and contented people, especially adults who have heart ailment have reduced risks of death by 11 percent.

It is essential to remember that a couple of these effects might have resulted due to an improvement in heart-healthy activities like exercise. Avoiding cigarettes, and healthy meal habits like taking more of fresh vegetables and fruits and ditching junk or fried food. Then, more studies are on to show that happiness is related to human health and wellness. These researches take time and therefore, you need to stay updated with the latest news and developments. Especially when it comes to your wellness and health.

Alleviates pain

Arthritis is a widespread ailment in people, especially seniors involving pain, inflammation, and deterioration of human joints. It leads to excruciating pain and firm joints and usually degenerates as you age.

Many studies indicate positivity and optimism lead to reduced joint pain and rigidity. Then, feeling happy also alleviates pain in people plagued with arthritis. Staying happy also boosts physical health and wellbeing for arthritis patients. One particular study in more than 1,000 individuals with painful bones and stiff joints, including knee arthritis. It wasdiscovered that happyparticipantsmanaged to walk an additional 711 steps day, which is 8.5 percent more than thesad or depressedparticipants are.

Happiness might also help in the reduction of pain in other medical conditions. One study in almost 1,000 people, who recovered from a stroke, found that contented and happiest people. Had 13 percent less pain after a couple of months when they left the health center or hospital.

Researchers have recommended that cheerful persons might experience lower pain as their positive feelings and emotions. Help to widen their outlook, inspiring new, innovative ideas and thoughts. It helps in better coping strategies that will change or cut back on the view of pain.


So, you see that many studies and scientific evidence show that happiness and health are related. Staying happy will help in promoting a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, protect your heart, lessen pain, and boost your immunity. Therefore, you have many good reasons to make happiness your priority. After all, health is wealth. Therefore, what is the problem if you stay happy?

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