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Jonah Engler on the Surprising Benefits of Mindful Meditation

Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler according to an article published on, meditation reduces or assuages pain.

Jonah Engler mindful meditation is an activity that we all could try, particularly in our demanding, stressful. And hectic nine to five corporate lives. Based on scientific evaluations, mindfulness meditation is a phenomenal way to reduce stress and appreciate the beauty of the experience called life. Read on to learn about the eight essential benefits of therapeutic meditation in silence. While being aware of your feelings and bodily vibrations.

1. Jonah Engler Says that Meditation Alleviates Pain

Jonah Engler based on the findings of a 2011 study in the Journal of Neuroscience, 80 minutes of attentive meditation. Has the power to reduce your perceptions related to pain in almost half. If you are plagued with neck, back, or shoulder pain, much of that tenderness and discomfort is in your brain.

The same study backs up another research performed by the University of Montreal. According to that study, 13 participating individuals belonging to the school of Buddhism (Zen) that focuses on meditation, all of them did undergo no less than a thousand hours of practice. These people compared to a group of non-meditating individuals to figure out whether meditation changes their perception of physical pain. The outcome of the study proved that the participants belonging to Zen had more tolerance when it comes to pain than those who did not meditate.

2. Improves Your Grades

Jonah Engler based on the findings of the University of California, Santa Barbara, students skilled in mindful meditation scored better grades on the oral reasoning segment of their GRE. Besides, they also showed remarkable improvements when it came to their working memory and the power of remembrance. The researchers in this Psychological Science study wrote that their results recommend that nurturing mindfulness is an efficient method for enhancing cognitive function, with wide-ranging consequences.

Besides, other researchers in the field also discovered that mindfulness meditation for four days improves your attention. The key benefits are:

  • Executive functioning
  • Improvement in working memory
  • Less fatigue and anxiety
  • Enhanced mindfulness
  • Visual-spatial processing        

3.  Helps You Sleep Better

Do you suffer from insomnia and the drawn-out physical and psychological effects during the night regularly? If yes, then mindful meditation is the solution to your problem. According to research by the University of Utah, mindfulness improves sleeping patterns. Many seniors diagnosed with sleep disorders found that meditation results in considerable improvement in the quality of their sleep by redressing sleep-related concerns.

One of the fellow researchers, Holly Rau, cited that people reporting increased levels of mindfulness had more control over their feelings all through the day.Jonah Engler believes that mindful meditation improves your sleep quality too.

4. Improves Your Sexual Experiences

When it comes to mindfulness meditation, it helps in bringing your thoughts back to the current situation. Based on the findings of a 2011 research work published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, mindful meditation has the potential to improve women’s and to some extent men’s sexual life.

Many times, self- judgmental or critical conversations occupy a woman’s mind during sexual activity, thus stopping her from enjoying sex. On the contrary, women hailing from colleges trained in mindful meditation become sexually aroused when seeing erotic visuals compared to their non-meditating counterparts.

5. Reduces Your Stress Levels

You live a fast life, rushing to your workplace and slogging from nine to five or more. You have no or little time to spend with your loved ones. The long working hours and a sedentary lifestyle add to your stress levels, thus taking a toll on your physical and mental health. It makes you extremely tired at the end of the week with no energy to socialize or meet people. Therefore, you need to alleviate the effects of stressful life for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

According to 47 clinical trials, meditation programs help in improving your stress levels, reduces anxiety and distress, and boost your psychological health. It will help you a lead a fulfilling and quality life. Mindful meditation also reduces cortisol, which is the stress hormone present in the human body.

6. Makes You Feel Empathetic towards Others

Have you heard of Dalai Lama? If yes, you must be wondering how he manages to keep his calm. How he manages to be caring and benevolent to others even though his own country is ripped apart due to the rampant injustice and violence prevailing there? It seems a mystery, right? Well, the secret of success and inner peace of the deported Tibetan leader and his generosity of spirit lies in mindfulness meditation.

Based on the findings of Northeastern University College of Science, even short meditation sessions can make the participants 50 percent more sympathetic and kind to others than those not meditating at all.

7. Helps to Know You Better

We often find fault with others without self-analyzing us. Mindful meditation helps you to understand your true self. You learn to look beyond the colored glasses to evaluate yourself instead of criticizing others. According to research published in the journal Psychological Science, training in mindful meditation helps you to identify your flaws and get the better of your blind spots so that you can know your true self.

8. Makes You Feel Less Lonely

Growing old is not free from its challenges, yet one can make his or her life more enriching through mindful meditation. For many seniors, loneliness occurs when a partner or spouse passes away. The situation can become worse when one is all alone with a medical condition. This is where mindfulness and meditation helps. An eight-week of mindful meditation and stress alleviation program could reduce your loneliness significantly.


With careful meditation, you can train your body and mind as you work out at the gym every day. Now that you know about the many benefits of mindfulness, you will love meditating to achieve your inner peace.

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