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Jonah Engler: Explains 3 Ways Your Child Expresses Love

Children show their love and express their emotions very differently compared to adults. Since they are still young, they do not have the concept of using well-thought-out words t express love, nor are they capable of making grand gestures. Hence, when it comes to understanding a child’s emotions and their way of showing love, you have to focus on the small details.
Love is a complex concept for toddlers to process, and they do not perceive it as we do. According to Jonah Engler, love for children stems from their sense of security and the attachment they feel for you. So if at times you feel like your child is not expressing enough, you might have to look for small signs to understand their emotions.
Therefore, today we decided to share ways a child expresses their love. If you are a parent of a toddler, this article will be helpful for you in understanding how your child feels toward you and might also help you reciprocate their emotions.
Jonah Engler: Ways Your Child is expressed their Love for You

  1. They Help You
    When your child is little, they see you doing most of the chores around the house and taking care of their needs. With time, they can understand the concept of working to fulfill someone’s responsibilities. That is when some children act like they want to help you through your chores – this might annoy most parents because they think their child is coming in between their work. But in reality, your child is trying to do for you what you do for them. Hence, Jonah Engler suggests in this situation; it is best to be grateful to them and thank them for helping out.
  2. They Try to Share with You
    Sharing their toys, food, and other stuff they hold dear to them is a massive step for a child. Children often don’t like sharing their things with other kids or adults they are not fond of. But if your child is offering you their food or asking you to play with their toys, they like you and want to share what they enjoy with you.
  3. They Try to Be Present Around You
    Children don’t enjoy everyone’s company; if you look at it closely, most children are very picky about who they want to spend time with. They prefer their own company with their toys or favorite cartoon. But if your child is making an effort to be more present around you and spend more time with you, they are trying to express their love to you. Jonah Engler suggests in these situations; it’s better to give your child the time they want from you instead of pushing them away.
    Jonah Engler: Understanding Your Child’s Love Langauge
    Jonah Engler explains that children have a very different love language than adults, and as parents, it’s your responsibility to understand it. It is also essential to encourage them to be more expressive and teach them better ways to show their emotions. Parents who discourage e their children’s small acts of love end up making them into unexpressive people who find it hard to express or receive love as adults.

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