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How Single Dads Can Bond with Their Kids: Tips by Jonah Engler

Fathers want to connect with their sons, but they may not know how. This is because dads often do not feel very good at communicating with their sons. This can create a vicious cycle where fathers experience low self-esteem and isolation from their sons, leading to even fewer opportunities to connect on a deep level. It is even harder when you are a single dad. If you want to know how to bond with your son, you need to approach it differently than you would if you were married to the mother in the picture. Fortunately, Jonah Engler has some tips to help you get through this transition with your son.

4 Easy Tips by Jonah Engler for Bonding with Your Son as a Single Dad

1. Teach Him About Cars

Cars are another great way for fathers and sons to bond. Cars are usually something that boys love, so teaching your son about them will help him learn something new while spending quality time with you at the same time. There are many things that you can teach your son about cars that will be beneficial to him later in life. You can teach him how to change the oil in his car or the tires on his car when they need replacing. You can also show him how to take care of his car so that it lasts longer than most other cars on the road today.

2. Play Sports Together

Sports are a great way for boys and men to bond. You can play catch in the backyard or go on a hike through the woods together. If your son has a favorite sport, learn about it and attend games when possible. There are plenty of sports out there that boys can enjoy at almost any age — football, baseball, soccer, swimming — so it should not be hard to find something that works for both of you.

3. Take Trips Together like Jonah Engler

Whether it is going to the beach or taking an international vacation, Jonah Engler believes traveling together can be one of the best ways for dads and sons to bond — as long as there is plenty of free time for activities like exploring museums or shopping at local markets along the way. It does not matter where you go; take advantage of every opportunity to spend time together away from home and work responsibilities so that you can connect on a deeper level than ever before.

4. Cook a Meal Together

When it comes to cooking, let your son help out. Letting your child participate in preparing meals can be a great way to spend time together and teach them valuable life skills. It is never too late to learn if you do not know how to cook. There are plenty of easy recipes online that will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make delicious dishes.

Summing Up

There is no reason why you cannot teach your son valuable life lessons while also having a lot of fun with him. Just try these four tips and see what happens—you may find it easier than you think!

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