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How Can You Develop a Healthy Relationship with Yourself? Easy Guidelines by Jonah Engler

Look around, and you will notice that we are in a fairly progressive world! Everything we need, from booking a movie ticket to a food item, we can get it at the click of a button. That aside, the world has made it possible for almost everyone to have a job that pays them well. But still, you will find that people are vastly unhappy. Do you resonate with this? One thinks the reason for this unhappiness could be any of the external factors, like not having the best house or being able to lose weight. The truth is that the real reason is embedded within. Most often than not, it is because you haven’t cultivated a healthy relationship with yourself.

Some people think having a healthy relationship with oneself is all to do with the new-age fad about being woke. If you can’t deal with yourself well, you will have a problem with the world at large. Alternatively, if you have a good relationship with yourself, the world will seem to be a fairly good place, where you can navigate using your experience and a positive mindset.

So, are you wondering how to develop a good relationship with yourself? If yes, here are a few guidelines suggested by Jonah Engler.

  1. Do away with negative self-talk

Do you have an excess amount of self-doubt? Do you often criticize yourself for the most minor things or errors? Do you feel that you aren’t enough for this world or yourself? If yes, then you have a habit of negative self-talk, which will sabotage your confidence and self-esteem. One of the best ways to cultivate a harmonious relationship with yourself is to teach the practice of self-assuring phrases and sentences. It would help if you started telling yourself that you matter in this world and that you have it in you to make a difference. Also, if you have been telling yourself that you are incapable of any task, you need to start believing that you can do it. One of the best practices is to repeat the words “I can, I will” in your mind as often as you can. Gradually you will start to see the difference.

  • Stop people-pleasing

People-pleasing is an act of self-doubt and insecurity. While it is fine to have minimal self-doubt and insecurity, you need to know that people-pleasing won’t get you anywhere. Also, when you people please, you shell out a huge chunk of your energy, and you feel emotionally drained. That’s what gives rise to negative self-talk and pity. Hence, gather up all the courage that you have and decide not to please people in any way.

  • Set boundaries and start saying no

According to Jonah Engler, most people are unhappy because they don’t say no when they mean it. As a result, they don’t exercise healthy boundaries. It is essential that you set clear-cut expectations about yourself to others and say “no” when you feel you should. Once you establish this boundary, you will have less anxiety and stress, which will help you to lead a better life.

Establishing a healthy relationship with yourself is a journey. You need to keep working at it and get better with each passing day.

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