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Healing From Childhood Trauma – Jonah Engler

While children are often seen as smiling and resilient human beings, certain traumatic experiences inflicted upon them can leave a long-lasting imprint on their minds. This can cause them to be facing problems even after they are adults.

Childhood trauma can be sourced from anything that disrupts their peace and makes them feel vulnerable. It can be a toxic environment, facing neglect as a child, being separated from a parent in their childhood, too much verbal or physical abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, an illness that requires too many procedures, losing a loved one, or witnessing a very bad accident.

According to Jonah Engler, there are a few ways of healing the traumas that were caused in your childhood.

1.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Recognize That You Have A Problem

The first step to healing this trauma is by realizing the fact that you have a problem. Notice the signs and admit to yourself that there is a problem and that you need to sort it out. There is no shame in having a trauma, so you do not need to go around hiding them. Try to realize that healing your trauma will help you in leading a happier and healthier life.

2.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Seek Help For It

Many people who suffer from childhood trauma tend to wrap up the pain and grief inside and bottle up their feelings inside too. They tend to isolate themselves from others and skip the healing process altogether. This makes it worse and prolongs and intensifies the after-effects of the trauma on a person.

3.   Jonah Engler Suggests Having Self-Patience

According to Jonah Engler, having patience with your own self is very important when dealing with yourself. While you might feel like being harsh with yourself and criticizing yourself in everything, you need to learn how to be patient with yourself.

Do not allow the negativity to envelop you.

4.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Indulge In Self-Care

Be aware of yourself and make sure to take out time for yourself. Eat right, get rest, drink adequate amounts of water, exercise on a regular basis, and sleep well every day. Go through the process of self-care in order to heal yourself from the trauma effects. While it may seem tough, do it for your own betterment.

5.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Build Healthy Habits

If you have any bad habits, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Many people resort to alcohol and drugs to get rid of their problems. This is not the solution; rather, it is a really bad decision to take. Get yourself busy with healthy habits instead and benefit from them.

You can read and pass your time, get yourself busy in sports, hit the gym and work on your body, volunteer, learn to cook, or do anything that can help you build positivity around yourself.


While it can be hard to get rid of your childhood trauma, Jonah Engler suggests that people be patient and work on themselves and their betterment with consistency and patience. Do not be too hard or harsh on yourself on days that you lack the strength to do anything. Instead do one tiny thing that can help you get a sense of accomplishment.

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