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Welcome to the Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Award

At the heart of innovation and progress lies diversity of thought and perspective. The Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Award is a testament to this belief, offering an annual $1,000 scholarship designed to support and celebrate neurodivergent students in their academic and creative pursuits. This initiative, founded by philanthropist Jonah Engler, aims to foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the unique contributions neurodivergent individuals bring to the fields of education, creativity, and beyond.

Neurodiversity encompasses a vast spectrum of cognitive differences, including but not limited to autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological variations. The Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Award seeks to highlight the strengths and potentials of individuals across this spectrum, providing financial assistance to help them achieve their educational and professional goals.

About Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler is a New York-based entrepreneur whose dedication to social causes and community support has impacted numerous lives. His commitment to neurodiversity and inclusion stems from a deep understanding of the challenges and barriers that neurodivergent individuals often face. Through this scholarship, Engler aims to break down these barriers, offering opportunities for growth, learning, and recognition. Engler’s vision is not only to support neurodivergent students financially but also to cultivate a society that values and celebrates diverse minds and perspectives.

Explore, Apply, and Connect

Whether you are a neurodivergent student seeking support for your academic journey or someone passionate about neurodiversity looking to learn more, the Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Award welcomes you. We invite you to explore the details of the award, understand the application process, and access a wealth of resources tailored for neurodivergent individuals.

This scholarship represents more than just financial aid; it is a step toward a more inclusive and diverse future. Join us in celebrating neurodiversity, championing inclusion, and empowering the brilliant minds of tomorrow.

Yearly Winners of Jonah Engler Trust

Winner Of 2022

Winner Of 2023

Eligibility for the Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria for the Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Inclusion Award

The Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Inclusion Award is committed to fostering an inclusive academic environment that celebrates and supports neurodiverse students. This scholarship is open to applicants who meet the following criteria:

    • Enrollment: Applicants must be currently enrolled in or accepted to an accredited college or university in the United States.
    • Academic Standing: Students should be in good academic standing with their current educational institution.
    • Essay Submission: Candidates must submit an original essay of 500-600 words addressing the specified topic related to neurodiversity and inclusion.
    • Advocacy: While not required, preference is given to applicants who have shown a commitment to advocating for neurodiversity and inclusion, whether through community service, involvement in related organizations, or personal advocacy.


Award Details

    • Scholarship Amount: $1,000
    • Annual Award: This scholarship is awarded once a year.
    • Established: The Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Inclusion Award has been supporting students since 2022.
    • Deadline: All application materials must be submitted by [December 1, 2024].

Application Submission

To apply for the Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Inclusion Award, please submit your essay and proof of enrollment in the application form. Ensure all parts of the application are completed fully and submitted by the deadline.

We are proud to offer this annual award in the spirit of inclusivity and support for neurodiverse students, and we look forward to reading your inspiring essays.

Essay Question

In an evolving world where embracing diversity is key to societal progress, neurodiversity plays a pivotal role. For the Jonah Engler Neurodivergent Inclusion Award, please write a 500-600 word essay that addresses the following:

Describe how embracing neurodiversity not only enriches our communities but also drives innovation and creativity. Discuss personal experiences, if any, where neurodivergent perspectives have led to unique solutions or have provided a fresh outlook on conventional challenges. In your view, how can academic and professional environments better support neurodivergent individuals to fully contribute their talents and abilities?

Consider how the principles of inclusion, support, and empowerment for neurodivergent individuals can be enhanced, and propose actionable steps that educational institutions or businesses can take to foster an environment where neurodiversity is not just accepted, but celebrated.

The Application Form

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Disclaimer: As we will be announcing and featuring the winner on our website, we kindly request a photograph of each applicant to accompany the announcement.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.
PDF File Name Must Be Your Full Name.